8 Crisis Management Tips for your business learnt from the #Wayfairgate conspiracy theory — EASTWEST Public Relations

influencers speaking out about the issue, like Rebecca Pfeiffer, who has 110,000 followers and a fashion and home decor blog, and she had put nine different references to these conspiracy theories on her website. A lady called Indy Blue Severe, who has 330,000 followers, said that the reply from the Wayfair spokespeople was very dismissive and a surface-level statement, which was absolutely insufficient. The slightly alarming thing here is that these social media influencers had been reposting these conspiracy theories. And in the words of one of them, they felt that it could be true, and therefore, they had shared it, because they thought that human trafficking, child trafficking was in itself a dangerous thing, and the logic of someone charging that much for a piece of furniture and having the names of children was evidence enough that something was going on.

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