Case Study: New Product Announcement in China and Japan

  • Journalists are reluctant to run stories about unknown companies.
  • Local content is required on sites prior to distribution of releases in country.
  • Media outlets will not include links to a site from a news release because they don’t want to lose the traffic.
  • Client expectation that media coverage will lead to sales leads needs to be managed.
  • News can be picked up by non-key media if the subject is of general interest.
  • Search engines operate on local level, with increasing restrictions on content outside of the local domain area.
  • The company had also not engaged the media before in the region, this announcement is treated as part of their seeding strategies.
  • The company didn’t have either Chinese nor Japanese speaking spokesperson.
  • Website only in English.
  • Both EASTWEST’s China and Japan Team has build up a very comprehensive media pool which has included Mobile market, Gaming industry, Trade and business, Technology as well General media.
  • EASTWEST has worked very closely with Raptor PR Team, the lead agency, to ensure the embargo timing and distribution date to ensure that this distribution will maximise the media outreach in both China and Japan.
  • EASTWEST has reviewed both the Chinese and Japanese translated press release and shared feedback with client.
  • EASTWEST disseminated the press release on 23thSeptember in China market and 24thSeptember in Japan Market, avoiding the public holiday
  • Over 90% of users take Baidu as their preferred search engine.



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