Children shed light for Dr Shelley James on the need for simple, new, and context-sensitive content about health and wellbeing during lockdown — EASTWEST Public Relations

Lumen5, a platform that could create these 30-second videos in less than six minutes. In fact, the video platform itself will make you a one-minute video in less than six seconds. This has made possible the creation of stories that children should hear and hopefully be willing to watch and learn from, such as videos on myopia, the need to go outside to help your eyes, why vegetables look different outside than they do in the kitchen (which has to do with the quality of light), how the brain functions while you sleep, and more interesting facts. It turns out that if you turn out the lights two hours before you want to go to bed, then you will get better sleep. The structure for these 30-second videos is that each frame will only have eight words and will be shown for five seconds and that three elements will be discussed in each episode. That is the situation, the issue, and the solution, and this comes from the storification part of the SPEAK|pr program.

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