Does your PR start at the back of the queue? 8 ways you can win over customers while they wait for you — EASTWEST Public Relations

I’m reminded of a great person in the public relations and management consultancy field called David Maister. I had the good fortune to correspond with David back in the mid-90s when he was still writing. He wrote many books including Managing the Professional Service Firm and The Trusted Advisor, which are guidebooks for anyone that’s interested in running a consultancy firm. On his website, he has an article called The Psychology of Waiting Lines. I was looking for this because what I realized from the experience of going downtown to do some shopping was that I had very different experiences depending on the shop I was in. I’m also having very different experiences when I’m ringing different people. I rang a bank the other day and the conversation got cut off midway. They didn’t ring me back in, because they’d rung me through one of these private phone numbers, so I had no way to call them back.

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