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The third thing we are going to talk about is getting good eye contact with the camera. We all know that making good eye contact is so important to connecting with people and to show that you are trustworthy.

Well that notion seems to be blown out the water when it comes to video calls! With people staring off into the distance and worse.

I know it’s not easy but with practice things will improve,

The reason it is difficult is because if you maintain eye contact with somebody via the computer screen, you are not looking at the camera — even though you sort of feel you are!

My way round this is too minimise the screen of the platform you are using and then drag the viewing window to just below the camera position

Hey presto you are now making eye contact with the camera.

OK I can’t resist sharing one more tip before I leave.

If you are using a camera phone for your video call — use the camera in landscape mode, with the long edge on the bottom.

Why? It is much more flattering for your face as there is less camera distortion.


Let me know below.

Next time it’s all about the background. Hurrah.

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