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LinkedIn users have reported recently that Organic reach on LinkedIn has dropped considerably.

I do talk about this in the video above, but I wanted to mention it here as well.

The point is that it is not a bad thing, you may be losing views,but you are probably gaining more likes — Why? because LinkedIn is now using copycat audiences to show content organically.

It is a bit more complicated, but put simply it works like this:

If I like and interact with user’s content regularly, then LinkedIn will look at my profile and my interests and they will find an audience that closely matches me. They will then show content to that ‘look-a-like’ audience.

The result is they content is now shown to more people who are likely to engage and react to it.

So the ‘Quality’ of the audience is now improved and is more targeted than ever before.

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Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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Jim James

Jim James

Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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