Google My Business, it’s a roadmap for customers to your business and mine — EASTWEST Public Relations

Google My Business displays all the relevant information customers would need to know: the company name, address, contact numbers, logo, hours of operation, a Call Now button for mobile users, posts, images, 360-degree video, which hours are the busy hours or slack hours in case people want to visit, and it can even give directions to get there. Mobility and location-based search are obviously key trends businesses can take advantage of when it comes to PR, and Google My Business is a platform that enables using making use of those trends effectively. It also showcases customer reviews, and if there are many positive ones, this will greatly help the business. Trustpilot is also very powerful, but the issue with it is that it’s not next to the business listing and business location, whereas Google My Business is on the map on the browser which enables you to see all of the businesses ranked by geography, location, or rankings. This will become increasingly important, especially if you’ve got a company that’s in a competitive space. Apart from that, Marketing material on Google My Business can be kept up-to-date with both direct effort into the Google My Business platform, which can run on Android or iOS. It can also be integrated into platforms that automate content distribution like Zoho.

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