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To sum it all up, the problem is what the customer wants to address, agitation is the frustration that the problem is causing, the solution is how the customer tried to fix it, agitation is the failure of the customer’s solution, then comes introducing the business’ own solution, the ‘why’ this solution will work, the ‘try’ is about giving the customer trial offers or templates, and then the ‘buy’ is about resolving issues of cost, time, and cash flow with the help of incentives. Joanna’s model is great for copy on a website, a direct mail piece, or an advert. For the media, everything is there except for the ‘try’ and the ‘buy.’ With social media and owned media, the lines are slightly blurred, because editorial media would not include the ‘try’ and ‘buy.’ Nowadays, content bridges the two together, so it’s worth integrating the ‘try’ and ‘buy’ into all content. Thinkific’s Mastermind with Joana is truly valuable, and along with the seven sweeps, it can give meaningful insight into how to structure copy better across all applications. Keep in mind that there is a structure and a formula to copywriting, and Joana’s has been to found to work, whether it’s for a landing page, a press release or an article, or a case study.

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