How a legal regulation change can be used to trigger media coverage for your company — EASTWEST Public Relations

SPEAK|pr program which talks about Storify, Personalisation, Engagement, Amplification, and Knowing, this is a case study from end-to-end of storification or building out this narrative around these new Federal CARES Act and its amendments. Personalisation involved reaching out to the individual editors, sending the same pitch to each of them but restructuring the content based on their feedback to make it personally engaging with content that’s relevant for their particular audiences as well as authoritative, comprehensive, and complemented with graphics. This was amplified by taking what was written and sharing that across social media channels and the client’s dedicated website. Knowing was about checking the metrics, such that through SimilarWeb, they would get 80,000 views on their website, and that the client is already getting pick up through LinkedIn reposting.

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