How can you find exactly the right journalist in Asia for your story? One solution is Telum like it is — EASTWEST Public Relations

Telum Media’s Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Tim Williamson. Tim’s originally from the UK, but now living in Singapore. To get the ball rolling, I asked Tim what Telum Media does to help get businesses noticed. He begins by talking about the principles of PR and marketing. When you’re a business owner and you’ve decided that you want to talk about something exciting that you’ve been doing and publicize it, Tim says there’s nothing worse than putting together a press release, spending hours and lots of effort into it, and blasting it out into the outside world fully expecting to get the phone ringing off the hook with lots of journalistic interest and there’s just crickets. Nothing happens. The reason that happens is because there are lots of other businesses doing the same thing, and there are journalists who are receiving press releases that aren’t really within their interest areas. And so, this is where Telum Media comes in.

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