How did David Beckham speak 9 languages and demonstrate that AI can improve video performance by 1,200%? — EASTWEST Public Relations

Marcus Ahmad here in Bristol. When we got there, there was this moment where everyone was worried whether they should be wearing their masks or not. One of the issues was that had it been just he and I, we would perhaps get over that, but if we were to do an event or a shoot with multiple people, then we wouldn’t be able to do that, because with social distancing, it would have just been impossible to all be in the studio together. There’s an issue that’s been created by COVID, which I think is being addressed by AI. I ‘ve spent some time looking to try and solve some problems for myself, which are around, what if I want to show the face of products and clients, but I can’t actually send a film crew? I’m a big fan of video, and I’m a big fan of having people, but we’ve all used up our archive photography. We’re all getting out slowly but surely, but with social distancing, it’s becoming very difficult to have any group shots or any press briefings.

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