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Grenadier which is the new Ineos 4x4, and my agency EastWest PR was involved in the Asia launch. We did the work in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand. Historically, clients have always wanted to see the press clippings for the work that’s been done. One of the challenges now, in COVID times, is that no one can actually show the product or come together. We had, at one stage, 20 people on a Zoom call. We had my team in Singapore, the client and I in the UK, and the journalists in Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam all dialling in and watching a video, and having a live video call with Mark Tennant, the client. The feedback by lunchtime is that we’ve already got some coverage. I was able to then use a platform called, and it has a free social media monitoring tool. Within four hours, I was able to identify that there were some 1,500 conversations taking place, 4,300 items of engagement, in other words, people resharing, a 10% positive sentiment with over 20 billion potential reach. Now, how can we do that? Well, products like Talkwalker monitoring launches. Today’s launch happened simultaneously. We did Asia first through the day, then it rolled into Europe, and then into the States. So, as the day went by, we were able to use Talkwalker as one platform to track not only the way that this news was spreading, but also the sentiment about it.

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