How Viya in China generated US$49m in sales in one day using live streaming, and how you can do the same — EASTWEST Public Relations

Alibaba with their Taobao shopping and WeChat with their online app stores are now enabling people to find, to view, and to purchase products and services of all manner and all sizes in real time and online. And because the payment gateways are also incorporated into their mobile phones, for many people now, mobile shopping at the point of purchase is becoming like the old home shopping channels that were put on years ago by the QVC network. Barry Diller, if I remember rightly, had seen the need and the desire for people to be at home and to view it and to buy it from the comfort of their couch. So live streaming maybe is going back to where cable TV was 30-odd years ago, but what should we do with our own businesses, big and small, when it comes to live streaming?

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