Is content creation the bottleneck to keeping your social media campaign vibrant and consistently active? — EASTWEST Public Relations

Wikimedia Commons. There’s some 62 million freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute, so this is great if you’ve got media files that you’d like to upload and share and have credit for those, or you can download. You can take these articles and repost, and they’re great for social media and for customers. The content on that website seems to be of pretty good quality.If you’re looking for infographics and, as we know, an infographic is a combination of both pictures and text, a good website to find infographics on is Infogram. You can have up to 10 projects with five pages per project for free, and then you can move up from starting at $19 a month. You can also create infographics on a website including Canva and Visme, for example, but Infogram also has some samples for you there that you can use and download.

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