John Lee Dumas is the Entrepreneur on Fire who has found the common path to uncommon success for entrepreneurs, he is sharing the first 3 steps for free — EASTWEST Public Relations

podcast, John ends every single one with, “Hey, Fire Nation. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You’ve been hanging out with myself and Jim today, so keep up the heat,” and one of the steps in his book is teaching people how to create or join a mastermind. If you’re not in a mastermind, John says you’re missing out. The accountability, the companionship, the lessons, and the collaboration are all critical, which is why he teaches you how to find the right mastermind or how to create the right mastermind, and then how to make sure your mastermind is being run correctly, which is also key. If that’s not part of what you’re doing on a weekly basis, you’re never going to achieve the levels of uncommon success that you’re capable of.

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