The @POTUS Twitter account is the best gift President Trump will leave Biden — EASTWEST Public Relations

@POTUS, Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey and his team have decided that the @POTUS account belongs to whoever is the President, and so Donald Trump will be passing it on to Joe Biden. The @POTUS account has 33 million followers, 0 favourites, 10,951 tweets, and 457,122 retweets with an engagement rate of 0.07%. The estimated earnings per post according to this calculator from Influencer Marketing is $246,521-$410,869 per post. For @FLOTUS or the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has 16 million followers, 822,392 favourites, 1,299 tweets, 223,984 retweets, an engagement level of 0.33%, and could be earning $201,175 per post. While she does not earn as much per post, her engagement rate is 4–5 times higher than that of the @POTUS account. The @realDonaldTrump account has 89 million followers, 2 million favourites, 58,583 tweets, and 562,407 retweets, but his engagement rate is less than half of @FLOTUS at 0.14%. He’s above average, but still well below Melania Trump, and his estimated earnings per post are up to $1 million. The most popular Twitter account on the internet is @BarackObama, and his tweets could be making between $933,239 to $2 million per post. Clearly, there’s an amazing opportunity to be making money just on Twitter.

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