The worlds most industrious storyteller explains how brand bewitchery will build your business Part 3 — EASTWEST Public Relations

Watts’ cascade theory, the goal is not to find one great influencer and hope that they will influence others, but to find many people who are easily influenced, because it’s the masses with a low threshold to be influenced that will trigger a cascade, which is where a message or a story would be shared virally. First and foremost, Park believes that virality is utter luck, so he cautions to not go for it. Instead, make a really powerful point with even just a handful of great customers that you can embrace and begin with an origin story. When you can reveal yourself in an authentic and vulnerable way, people are now no longer buying from a brand. They’re buying from a business or a person, and humanizing the business will make customers more likely to trust it. Brands don’t do that for you, and this comes with the fact that with the proliferation of technology, people have become more human-oriented. Having previously relied on big brands advertising through the TV, billboards, and the radio and now becoming more enraptured with technology and almost more distanced through phones, people long for that human connection. The lack of it, especially now with COVID, has made everybody separated and only seeing each other virtually, and it’s in these moments where the opportunity to tell the story comes in.

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Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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Jim James

Jim James

Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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