This fintech takes tax refunds to the next level with their partnerships with airlines — EASTWEST Public Relations

Ameer’s father has 25 years of experience in this space. And during the episode, he pointed out that the problems in the industry today are primarily around the fact that tourists only get about half the refund that they expect to receive. They are trying to solve this specific problem by making sure that they’re putting more money back in the pockets of customers.

The way they’ve done that is through a product that they recently launched: the world’s first tax-free card.

Here’s how it works: For instance, you travel to France. Usually, you pay for a handbag with your American Express card or Visa card issued by your local bank. But when you choose how you want to receive the refund, you can stick in UTU’s card number and that will allow you to upsize the value of your refund by 25%. If the original refund is €240, their card can give you €300 if you choose to take it in the form of a reward from any of their partners. These include some of the world’s leading airlines such as and Singapore Airlines .

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Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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Jim James

Jim James

Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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