This Polish female entrepreneur is on the prowl for your media contacts. — EASTWEST Public Relations

Prowly has over one million contacts available on their media database, and users can gain access to up 1,000 contacts per month, with Prowly giving you total control over which media contacts you want to use. For what would take a person hours of manual research, Prowly will find you the right journalists and media in only a matter of seconds. The way their system works is similar to a Google search but it is personalised and customised to the PR needs, as it identifies contact data using different sources available on the web. They’ve shortened the research process, and it’s all a matter of technology. There are different parameters to narrow down a search, like topics that the journalists are covering, by region, by city, by country, and by influence score. Once you find the journalist that you’re interested in, you will get all of his or her contact data, including email address, phone number or numbers, social media profiles, and the latest press publications. For companies in niches or verticals that Prowly may not be covering yet or for anyone struggling to get the proper search results, they can always reach out via chat. They always try to help, but they will also be transparent if they are unable to in certain cases.

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