Top Tools: Spotify — EASTWEST Public Relations

Spotify will suggest tracks for you to listen to and if you are on a subscription you can shuffle and skip tracks freely. The free account lack these options.

Some of the features of Spotify are;

  • Search
  • Library
  • Shuffle play
  • Download music and podcasts
  • Share music and podcasts
  • Spotify Radio
  • View lyrics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Local files
  • Play Queue and History
  • Sort and Filter
  • Autoplay
  • Follow friends and artists
  • Friend Activity
  • Artist profiles
  • Crossfade tracks
  • Stations
  • Link Spotify to other apps
  • Private listening
  • Group session

Podcasts on Spotify are a great and recently increasing feature. While it doesn’t give you the option to rate podcasts on Spotify, many high profile broadcasters have sworn their allegiance to the platform.

Our Podcast SPEAK|pr is also available to stream on Spotify

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