What alternatives are there to Facebook to build a community for your business? — EASTWEST Public Relations

Disciple Media. They talk about bringing people, memberships, and content together in one’s own fully branded and private community. They enable customers to build and sell courses, charge subscriptions, live stream, and many other aspects. The key feature is that the customers own the real estate, and they can have their own domain name. On a Facebook or LinkedIn group, you are basically a tenant. You’re renting their space and they have, at any stage, the opportunity to change the algorithm, to change ownership, to change anything. On the other hand, branding and customization, unlimited groups and topics, events, content, media library, friends and messaging, building subscription models, these features are all possible with Disciple Media. It costs £45 a month, but with their app, it becomes £299 a month. A third of that goes to Apple, so that’s where the cost comes from.

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