What do Elon Musk, President Donald Trump, and Tim Cook have in common? — EASTWEST Public Relations

SPEAK|pr program and the Mastermind, the goal is to convert people from being ignorant of your brand through to being aware to being interested to then being engaged as customers and then to becoming evangelists. This is a strategy that seems to work extremely well for Apple. Apple doesn’t engage a lot in press relations. Obviously, they let their products do the work, and it’s the customers who become evangelists that are able to promote the products, so Apple is a pioneer of the path Tesla is taking. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, speaks directly via Twitter and video. The precursor to the iPhone 12 was a video, so they come across as advocates of what might be called silent treatment when it comes to their PR campaigns. They say very little about their products until the product is launched. They say what they want when they want to and to whomever they want to. They’ve been doing that for quite some time, and it’s been pretty successful. On the other hand, it has meant that they’ve seemed aloof and arrogant, because the silent treatment can be seen not as reticence, but as arrogance.

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Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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Jim James

Jim James

Working with the world to #getnoticed from the garden shed.

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