What’s next? This time, it’s my turn to be interviewed …is this good PR? — EASTWEST Public Relations

SPEAK|pr program, where I talk about 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur running agencies in Singapore, China, India, and the UK. I’ve had a global network of agencies, and still do. I’ve worked with a lot of clients that I can now build that methodology and offer that to entrepreneurs. SPEAK|pr is a podcast that I operate six days a week, and on that, I share tools, technologies, and tips for business owners on how they can get noticed. That’s how I try to give back during COVID. I’ve also built some tools that are online and available at EastWest PR on SPEAK|pr. We have there a five-stage methodology which is still Storify, Personalize, Engage, Amplify, and Know. With that, you have tools, a message home, a story planner, and a technology application directory, which has over 100 applications that business owners and entrepreneurs can use for free to create stories, engage audiences, amplify their message, and measure the performance.

Originally published at https://www.eastwestpr.com.