Why does the President Elect of America need to tell stories? — EASTWEST Public Relations

Park Howell has talked about, because they create the context, the vocabulary, and the framework for communications, be it public relations, advertising, social media, and so on. There is the backstory which is what was happening before someone decided to start a company. The second part would be the hero or heroine, and these are the people impacted by the problem that has arisen. The modern take on this story is that the hero in the business is actually the customer, the member of staff, or the partner, not the CEO, who is on a journey of discovery. The CEO is more like the mentor or the coach of the hero, but not the hero, in the same way that the President of the United States is not the hero. They are simply the facilitator. They create the structures and policies that enable people to live out the American dream. Simply put, the hero in modern stories and in business are the people that the business serves, not the person who runs the business.

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