Would a rose.ai smell just as sweet as rose.com? Is a vanity domain name worth the price? — EASTWEST Public Relations

SPEAK|pr domain name was speakpr.com, but it wasn’t available. If I’d be willing to pay $48 to GoDaddy. You have to be careful with GoDaddy, because you can end up buying a £9.90 domain name and spending over $30 because they have you buy domain name protection, auto-renewal, multiple years and so on. Now, I just went for the very basic one-year plan to see if it’s going to work, and I didn’t buy any protection. They say 150,000 domain names are under threat each year. I’m assuming probably my fairly invisible domain name is not going to be one of them just yet. GoDaddy Plus, 20% of whatever I was charged for buying the domain name, then GoDaddy said they could help me with that. I looked at speakpr.biz and speakpr.info, and I could have bought those two for an extra £19 a year. I did look at speakpr.co.uk, but then I thought we’d end up with subdomains. And as I’ve already got listeners to the SPEAK|pr podcast in over 55 countries, I really want this to be a global offering, not just a local domestic one. I thought that I would stick to speakpr.co, and then I also found speakpr.inc, which I thought would be quite fun because of the reference to getting print and getting ink in PR which is the old expression for PR. So, for £9.46, I bought that as a little bit of a gift to myself.

Originally published at https://www.eastwestpr.com.